Annual Spring Dance Concert features student, faculty, and guest performances


Joshua Calloni, Sports Editor

The Lindenwood dance team will host their annual spring dance concert in the Lindenwood Theatre on April 20-22.

The concert will be under the lead of Lindenwood Dance Professor Janet Strzelec and displays 11 different performances by students, faculty, and guest performances.

“It’s exciting watching them create and bring to life their ideas, but it’s sad to know they won’t be in all of the dance classes anymore,” Strzelec said. “This is a very special class, with a unique class personality and I hope that these dances will encourage them to pursue their life goals.”

To open the concert, a performance by Hot Crowd, a Chicago-based group that has worked with Lindenwood as guests throughout the 2023 dance program. Amongst those participating in the performance includes Brittany Latta, Devon Lloyd, Kyra Laster, and Lindsey Scouten, all of whom are professional dancers.

Throughout the concert, there will be nine separate senior capstone performances, each signifying their own importance. Each performance is led and directed by a senior due to graduate at the conclusion of the Spring 2023 semester.

Among those performances includes “Audacious,” which was created by Chloe Starks, as well as “Existing in the Past,” made by Melissa Miller.

Fellow seniors Alicia Love, Hannah Taylor, Callie Bratsch, Lexis Jenkins, McKayla Overton Zoelle Williams, and Annesley Harring each have their own routines that will be performed throughout the night.

“It’s about how home means something different to everyone. To some, it is a place and to others, it is a person. Often, we lose touch with what home truly means and may have to go on a journey to rediscover it,” Jenkins said.  “To me, this piece is close to my heart because the concept was developed after a conversation with my friends while visiting my hometown. Since then, it has continued to grow into something amazing with the help of my talented cast.”

The concert will conclude with a group performance, entitled “Pas de Prince.” The dance will be in honor of the late pop artist Prince, and will be under the direction of Strzelec, and is said to explore movement and camaraderie within the dancers throughout the performance.

Admission to the event is free to students, faculty, and staff with a Lindenwood University ID. The general public will be charged a $10 entry fee. Performances start each night at 7:30 p.m.