Trying on Zay- Zah


Erica Sturdefant | Lindenlink Reporter

Lindenwood student Jacob Redlingshafer is entering his junior year as a finance major and preparing for  the next season of Lindenwood lacrosse, which will start with fall ball first semester.

Most student athletes are juggling 20-plus hours a week with full time class schedules and Division 2 collegiate athletics. With all that it would seem like not much time to do anything else, but somehow Relingshafer finds time to run his own clothing company. This summer marks the three-year anniversary of his line, Zay-Zah Clothiers, specializing in comfortable clothing that can be worn anywhere.



Redlingshafer said, “Zay-Zah is a company that uses Eco-Friendly products that are not only stylish, but also very comfortable. We try to use quality materials that will last, as well as keeping pricing down so that our target market, college students, are not priced out of the product.”

Redlingshafer said he chose the name of the company for the way the word rolls off the toungue and the meaning to him each time it is said. “Zay-Zah is a word that to me means inner peace, and each time I see the word or the logo on a shirt it brings me to a feeling of inner peace that is a very rewarding and relaxing.”

The Zay-Zah webpage is responsible for the bulk of sales, though campus representatives throughout the country also sell the product.  Check out Zay-Zah Clothiers at, or talk to owner and operator Redlingshafer, who has been known to be very generous to fellow Lindenwood students.