Top 4 back to school fashion trends

Top 4 back to school fashion trends

Erica Sturdefant | Lindenlink staff

A new year is upon us at Lindenwood University, and with that year comes new fashion trends that you will see all over the St. Charles area. Here are the top four fashion tips to as the new semester begins:

1) Lace Up Boots- These are not a new fad, though there is currently a surge in popularity. The laces add a bit of flare for everyone to see and they can look very great with a tapered jean or legging. You will be sure to see these boots all over LU this semester!

2) Satchel Backpack – Another old trend coming back around, this type of backpack is a great accessory for use around campus. You can carry your books and any extra clothes you need; it acts as a great day pack.

3) Tapered Dark Denim – These type of jeans have been picking up in the last few years for women and men alike. This season yields more dark denim on the market than ever, which means you will see more and more or these jeans all over campus.

4) Tablet – With your new satchel back pack you will have space for your new tablet. Use electronic books and save room for everything else needed during the day.

So whether it is a new pair of boots or even a more expensive tablet to start out your semester, these few items will help you start your year off