Lindenwood students ‘Matias & Matias’ perform @ Picasso’s Coffee House

Lindenwood students Matias & Matias perform @ Picassos Coffee House

Natalie Ruiz | Lindenlink Staff

Even when he was 8 years old, Matias Pascotto’s mother wanted him to learn to play folk music from his native country of Argentina.

Pascotto had other ideas.

“I secretly learned to play songs from The Beatles. Even from an early age. I truly loved them.”

Now Pascotto is part of a music duo called Matias & Matias who perform regularly at Picasso’s Coffee House on Main Street in St. Charles.

The duo is conformed by two South-American LU students.

Matias Pascotto, senior, and Matias Rodriguez, junior,  have been performing every three weeks at Picasso’s Thursday’s: Open Mic night since early 2011.

After almost a year break, Matias & Matias are back to their usual routine which is to play every three weeks.

Rodriguez said, “It all started one time I was hanging out at Matias’s and I saw his guitar and I asked him if I could play. He replied: ‘I didn’t know you knew how to play’. Next thing I knew we were regulars at Picasso’s.”

Matias & Matias act include popular songs in both, Spanish and English, mostly from The Beatles.

Rodriguez plays and sings exclusively next to Pascotto. While Pascotto also performs with other LU international students in English and Spanish. The growing list includes ex-LU undergrads Pamela Martins (Chilean) and Gabriel Garcia (Uruguayan).

The Argentinian-Uruguayan duo mixes acoustic and electric guitars, along with bongos and ukulele. They play, sing, and have the public interact with dancing and sometimes games depending on the mood.

Pascotto said, “We know we aren’t the best singers/players but we do it out of passion and pleasure. We seek to entertain not only our musical taste but rather connect with our audience.”

When Matias & Matias performed on September 26th, they featured other LU international students Onyia Vince (Nigeria) and an original song from Reem Alazalem (Egypt). They also played with friend and Picasso’s staff member David Cattani.

They both admitted that singing in another country have given them confidence and acceptance.

“It is always easier singing in your native language but the retribution you get from performing is indescribable,” said Rodriguez. “Adapting to another culture while sharing yours is extremely fulfilling.”