Wizard World Comic Con takes over St. Louis

A statue of the Incredible Hulk at the entrance of the Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis.
Photo by Matt Hampton


Video by Lindsey Fiala

The Wizard World Comic Con, which was held in the America’s Center in St. Louis on Feb. 2-4, was attended by many hardcore fans and featured several celebrities such as Sean Astin, Sean Bean, and Jon Heder as well as numerous booths, including from Lindenwood and Webster University.  

Hundreds of booths showcasing artwork, comics and other goodies lined the floor of the America's Center Convention Complex on Feb. 3. Photo by Lindsey Fiala
Eddie Warren as the Joker and Joshua Warren as Beetle Juice were photobombed by Where's Waldo while posing for a photo. Photo by Lindsey Fiala
Several Comic Con attendees sat patiently while having caricatures done of themselves.  Photo by Lindsey Fiala
Thousands of people had the chance to browse booths and meet celebrities at Wizard World Comic Con on Feb. 3, 2018. Photo by Lindsey Fiala
The Chocolate Moonshine booth at the Wizard World Comic Con in St. Louis, Missouri.
Photo by Matt Hampton
Hunter Blum, son of Professor Erica Blum, chair of the Interactive Media and Web Design program, wearing a Charizard costume and VR headset at Lindenwood's Comic Con booth. The booth contained a VR museum showcasing student art as well as information about Lindenwood degree programs, according to Erica Blum. Photo by Matt Hampton
Mike "Wonka" Czerwonka of Wonka's Marker Art draws on a canvas at the Wizard World Comic Con. A former prison and hospital guard, Czerwonka said he started creating marker art while off work after donating a kidney to a friend nine years ago, and now sells his hand-drawn art at about 30 events a year. Photo by Matt Hampton
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