Trends lead to nonprofit program restructure, eliminates major

File photo: The nonprofit administration program, a part of the Plaster School of Business in Harmon Hall, will be eliminating its major in Fall 2019.

KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

The nonprofit administration bachelor’s degree will no longer be offered at Lindenwood University starting with the fall 2019 semester.

Instead, based on enrollment trends, Julie Turner, the program’s chair, said they are expanding the graduate degree and adjusting the minor.

Turner said the demand is higher at the graduate level than bachelors, where students can complete a mostly online degree.

Currently, 112 graduate students are registered for the master degree, while only 35 undergraduate students are in the major and minor combined, according to Turner.

The program is also adding an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Administration. Turner said the certificate is attractive to a professional who wants skill development, but not “the time commitment of a full masters degree.”

The Plaster School of Business will keep it’s MBA with an emphasis in NPA.

Credit hours for the master of arts in NPA will be reduced from 37 to 30 hours.

Classes for the minor will also be reduced from 24 to 18 credit hours, providing students more of an incentive to minor in NPA.

“[It is] in the best interest of students who want to work in the nonprofit field but also want to explore degrees in other areas, while also trying to graduate on time,” Turner said in an email.

About 1 in 10 Americans work for nonprofit organizations, excluding government offices and services.

Turner said a minor in NPA would give students “skills and techniques that complement [their] degree and increase their marketability in the job sector.”

As for curriculum, Turner said the program is vamping up course opportunities in it’s six core competencies: planning, governance, finance, fund development, communication, evaluation, and historical perspectives.

All degree changes and additions will go into effect in Fall 2019. For a detailed list of course offerings, click on this PDF:


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