LU Student Sentenced for Bomb Threat

Aeriel Niccum | Lindenlink Staff Reporter
Published February 24, 2014

[Updated: 2/24/14 5:53 PM]

Lori Knight

A former Lindenwood student today was sentenced to five years of supervised probation after she pleaded guilty to calling in a false bomb threat last year.

Officials had accused Lori Knight, 38, of calling in a false bomb threat in May 2013 to avoid going to her 6 p.m. class after not having completed homework.

In addition to the supervised probation, Circuit Judge Rick Zerr handed down a three-year suspended sentence. Saint Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said the sentence means that Knight will serve the three-year prison term only if she violates any of the conditions of her probation.

Officials accused Knight of making the false threat from a blocked phone number, saying her brother planned to bomb Lindenwood that night. Two hours later Knight called the Westport extension campus asking if classes had been cancelled. Knight claimed her niece had heard rumors of a bomb threat.

Charter Communications and the Information Technology Department of Lindenwood linked the blocked number to Knight’s cellular phone. According to Lohmar the conditions of Knight’s probation are as follows:

  • 30 days shock time (receiving credit for days already served)
  • Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  • Restitution, if any, within 24 months.

According to an article today on additional conditions of probation are as follows:

  • No contact with Lindenwood University
  • No alcohol consumption
  • Substance abuse evaluation