Dr. King


 Andrea Scott | Staff Reporter

An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity. -Dr. King

LU will be open during Martin Luther King Jr. Day, unlike some local universities, banks and post offices that are closed that day.


Although classes will be in session, the annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King ceremony will be hosted by the Black Student Union (BSU) to honor the life of the historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“The event will take place Monday, January 19 at three p.m. in the Emerson Black Box Theater,” said Chairman of the Black Student Union James Harrison.

BSU members created this ceremony three years ago and continue to bring awareness to the LU student body and faculty about this holiday.

BSU members Kristal Jackson and Sierra Townsend created a Dr. King poster outside the Spellmann cafeteria and spoke about the upcoming Dr. King ceremony.

Some students were unaware of the event but put their signatures on the poster to show support.

This year’s ceremony differs from previous celebrations because of the new activities and events.

“The ceremony will have a variety of performers, keynote speakers, and musical selections, “said Harrison.

“President Evan’s request to have more extravagant events for the Dr. King celebration,” said Dr. Witherspoon Department Chair Criminal Justice.

Tyrone Flowers, founder of Higher M-Pact, a community-based organization in Kansas City, Missouri, is a guest speaker for the event.

Higher M-Pact helps high-risk urban youth aim for bigger dreams for their futures.

Flowers was recognized for his outstanding work and as a catalyst for change by former President George W.  Bush.

“We chose Flowers to speak at the ceremony because of his personal and professional accomplishments that really speak to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.,” said Harrison.

Others speakers were chosen to help influence students to overcome life challenges.

“Having distinguished speakers display their successes helps to inspire others to believe that no matter what the circumstances might be.  Success can be attained with hard work,” said Witherspoon.

The Dr. King Celebration Ceremony aims to recognize a man who changed the world in various ways and also to fulfill his dream.

“The goal of the ceremony is of course to recognize Dr. King.  Additionally, it is an opportunity to reflect on U.S. history and the challenges that we still face today as a nation,” said Witherspoon.

In addition, Harrison said, “The overall goal of the ceremony is just to bring awareness to this holiday through thought-provoking speeches and performances from Lindenwood students,”


For further information about the Dr. King ceremony contact James Harrison at: [email protected]