Boys and Girls Club pool dead on hold

Mikayla Francese | Co-Entertainment Editor

Construction was to begin on the new pool Feb. 7 for the St. Charles Boys and Girls Club that LU is sponsoring.

After many years of planning, Lindenwood recently announced its partnership with the St. Charles Boys and Girls Club to build a more accommodating pool for athletes.

Construction of the new pool was originally set to start on Feb. 7, but according to the new Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Club, Tom Schweizer,  “a strategic look to the future” has delayed the arrangement,  and no date has been set for construction of the pool.

The Boys and Girls Club Foundation came to Lindenwood asking the school to fund the renovation of the current pool.

“Many meetings occurred,” said Vice President for Operations and Finance Julie Mueller. “We decided on an agreement stating we would be able to use the pool rent-free for long term if we helped pay.”

There were various reasons for the decision made. The aquatics teams, that include water polo, swimming, diving and synchronized swimming, currently travel to various pools such as the St. Peters Rec-Plex, Lindbergh High School and the Boys and Girls Club for practices. “This will keep us from having to travel 10-30 minutes away,” said Head of Aquatics Craig Penrose.

The times in which practices were held also factored into this decision. “Right now it’s very early or very late at night because that is the only time we are able to get the pools,” Mueller said.  Aquatics teams practice as early as 5:15 a.m. or as late as 8:30-10 p.m. “The new Boys and Girls Club pool will now be our home pool,” Penrose said.
Lindenwood will be able to decorate the pool walls with team accomplishments and team placing. The new pool will consist of eight lanes that are 25 yards long with a depth starting at five feet and continuing to 14.

There will be two one-meter diving boards and one three-meter diving board. Students outside of aquatics will be able to swim with a student reduced membership rate at specific times that are unknown at this time.

For more information, contact Penrose at [email protected] or Mueller at [email protected]