LonelyGirl: Blog 2

online dating

Hey Boys and Girls: LonelyGirl here with another blog update.

So, maybe some of you have been reading and thought, “Hey I want to give this a shot!” and made a profile. Well, good job. I’m proud of you. Some of you made a profile, and are now stuck. “Where do I go from here? How do I make my profile noticeable?”

Well, that’s what I am going to help you through. I did some research into some of the other dating websites, and they are all basically the same. You fill out a profile of who you are. Think of it as a Facebook, but every person of the opposite sex is looking at it. Just like if you are going to a club or to a bar, you want to make a good first impression. That’s the same thing here. The difference is that you aren’t speaking, your words are. Consider carefully as you write your profile. Actually put time into spelling and grammar. I am not saying perfect it as if for an English essay, but sometimes its nice to use real words instead of text lingo.

Next up: Pictures.

Pictures are an interesting topic. Some people choose not to even put a picture up and wait until they feel comfortable enough to do so. Others post a lot of pictures. If you do have a profile picture up, people are more likely to look at the photo first and THEN the profile itself.  So girls: Really try to class it up a bit. DO NOT post a picture of just your cleavage. Especially if you think you are seriously looking for a boyfriend. If you do, you will be attracting guys who are looking for more.

Next up Guys: Guys, show off your winning smile. Not your abs. I have shifted through a ton of profiles of guys just showing the abs. In all honesty I’d rather see a smile and some eyes than that. Another thing girls really don’t want to see is you flexing your arm muscles. Show us a basic headshot. I’m not saying don’t post OTHER pictures of your abs, chest, arms etc. just post them in the picture section. Most girls are more interested in a smile and the face then the rest of the body first.

 Last but not least: Questions.

 All dating websites give you a series of questions to answer. These questions (based on your honesty) will ‘match’ you with other people. On OkCupid there is Match, Friend and Enemy. Match is what most people are shooting for. Match means potential dating partner. All these questions are in a set category: Sex, Relationship, Ethics, Dating, and Other. You can also choose how many questions you answer and if you want to answer them. Remember, the more questions you answer the higher and better change of being matched to someone that your ‘type’ might enjoy.