LindenLink launches new site, holds open house with The Legacy


Allie Edwards and Daniel Hoenes

Natasha Sakovich | Editor-in-Chief & Michael Zandstra | Editor

New site design launched!

On Sibley Day, LindenLink celebrated the launch of its new design, a joint effort of students Daniel Hoenes and Allie Edwards.  These two students teamed up to develop a custom WordPress theme for LindenLink, and after weeks of hard work, the new design is up and running.

Allie Edwards and Daniel Hoenes
Allie Edwards and Daniel Hoenes co-designed the new site by creating their own WordPress theme.

Sibley Day Open House

It was no accident that its launch coincided with Sibley Day.  Student media outlets The Legacy and LindenLink opened their doors and welcome over 50 students and faculty as they glimpsed into the inner workings here and learned about how they can contribute. LindenLink and The Legacy have positions available for writers, designers, developers, photographers, reporters and even work-and-learn options.


Social media and relationships section editor for LindenLink, Talia Scatliff, led the majority of tours for guests by guiding them to the sign in sheet, giving them the basics of what all staffers do at the site and on the newspaper, and made sure they felt welcome and invited. She and other staffers continued to tweet and Facebook throughout the day and gave shout-outs to visitors that just came by almost instantly.

Meet some of our fans!

LindenLink’s growing staff

Today’s launch involved more than just the redesign of the website.  In the last few weeks, LindenLink has added more than 20 staff members, each with different talents and responsibilities.

Andrew Ebers
Andrew Ebers: Fitness Correspondent

Getting organized was a big part of making sure the launch went smoothly.  Handling submissions and editing the content is no easy task, and a leadership hierarchy had to be established to ensure that every piece of content is up to snuff.

Legacy opens editor’s meeting

The Legacy also hosted its bi-weekly editor’s meeting on Sibley Day, normally held on Tuesdays, during the open house at 12:20 p.m. so that students and faculty could sit in on the meeting and see how each Legacy is put together.  During the meetings, editors go over and share story ideas and discuss what needs joint coverage through news and editorials/entertainment/sports and which stories need photo coverage as well.

Legacy editors open up their bi-weekly meeting for students to see the process of how the newspaper puts together their stories.

We had a handful of visitors that came to check out the meeting, and one of our visitors Kat shared an idea that made the story board for the next issue.  She, along with Intramural Director T.C. Brown, are forming a “work-out buddy system database” in order to help students find work-out partners if they can’t find friends to go with them.  Be sure to check out the next Legacy debuting March 7 for the full story.

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