On-campus internships being offered by Lindenwood


Photo by Mallary Vasquez

The enterance way to the Center for Engaged Learning in the LARC. The center helps to match students with internships.

Mallary Vasquez, Reporter

Lindenwood is offering on-campus internships to students as part of a curriculum to earn experience, with positions open to students in the upcoming summer and fall semesters.

“We have a ton of different internships, they can be found on Handshake and on our website,” said Elizabeth Ashcraft, Career Strategist for the Center for Engaged Learning.

Ashcraft said the positions range from a variety of fields, and many are communications-based. Different opportunities range from academic affairs communications to positions with the Student Athletic Academic Success Center. 

“It’s a great way to get that engaged learning opportunity here on campus and (students) don’t have to go anywhere, it’s here and it’s accessible. It’s been beneficial to the university and to students all across the board,” Ashcraft said. 

Ashcraft described the program as “really helpful,” discussing how the department wants to give students more opportunities. The internships are designed and catered towards students and their schedules.

“With it being a campus internship, we understand that school comes first and that’s what we want for you,” Ashcraft said. 

By offering internships, the Center for Engaged Learning gives different departments of the university the chance to have interns within their departments.

“Since there was a big push of engaged learning, it gave different departments on campus the opportunity to reflect, see where they have needs, and obviously we have so many students that are willing and eager to fill those gaps so the opportunities sprang on from there,” Ashcraft said.

Students are already pursuing their internships on-campus, Ashcraft said. She stated how students at Lindenwood are currently running multiple social media sites for the school as part of their internships, but other opportunities are being presented.

“Some are available in the summer and in the fall and some are just in the fall so it’s kind of up to the students to apply, reach out, and learn more about it,” Ashcraft said. 

Although the internships are held on campus, applications are open to all students. It is provided as a way to allow students who may not have access to transportation the opportunity to gain experience in their work field. 

“(Students) don’t have to be on campus, but some of them we find that it’s usually more appealing to students who are on campus,” Ashcraft said. 

Students interested in the positions are encouraged to reach out through the University website and apply through either the listed contact or the university website.