All Paws Rescue fosters ‘man’s best friends’


Photo by SC3095A

Screen grab from Susie Evans’ LUTV footage

Susie Evans | Contributing Writer
Published March 18, 2015; 4:45 p.m.

All Paws Rescue is a 501 C all volunteer-based animal rescue group. The organization is made entirely of foster-home volunteers and currently fosters about 30 animals.

The rescue group fosters dogs in volunteers’ homes and provides them with the medical attention they need, including spaying and neutering.

When the dogs are deemed adoptable, the group brings the dogs to PetSmart for weekend adoption events. All Paws charges a $125 adoption fee for dogs, including all medical clearance they need to be adopted.

The rescue team refuses to turn away an animal in need, especially dogs from negligent or abusive backgrounds.

Judie Marshall, president of All Paws said that even dogs with special cases, like leg amputations, can find a home.

“You know there is always someone out there who is looking for a special needs dog and that is just the dog they want,” Marshall said.

Dianne Mueller, a foster volunteer, provides a temporary home and patience for Shamus, a golden retriever–Irish setter mix, who was left behind when his owners passed away. If it weren’t for All Paws Rescue, he may not have made it through the winter.

Mueller and the other volunteers joke that they are foster failures, meaning they have adopted dogs that they originally intended on only fostering. But all volunteers agree, the goal of this organization is to find rescued animals their forever home.