LU graduate provides insight to road trip success

LU graduate provides insight to road trip success

Untitled3Isis Wadleigh | Staff Reporter
June 6, 2015; 11:00 a.m.

Summer is here, students are being released from school, and the time to take a well-needed vacation has come.

Easier said than done when you’re a college student trying to ‘be an adult’ and do everything on your own. At Lindenwood University; where a large chunk of the student body doesn’t come from the state, a number of students can make a vacation out of just getting home without breaking the bank.

Having brought a car to school with me, I decided to do just that with my trip from Missouri back to Washington State. This was my first time planning and paying for everything without the help of my parents. This is what I learned throughout the experience.

Try Camping


In terms of cost, camping is a great option, usually ranging between $10-25/night. It’s also a great way to get away from stress and technology and just breathe some fresh air.

Most also have trails you can explore, which ended up being the most amazing part of the trip for me.

Be Prepared for any Weather


Even though it’s summer, and the weather is far too hot where you are, and looks nice where you’re planning to go—you never know.

When I was in Nebraska, it went from 85 degrees to 35 degrees overnight and it snowed the whole day.

Don’t Rush


Plan to include a couple of extra days that you may or may not use if you fall in love with an area. Give yourself plenty of time to get to each destination. Enjoy the scenery.

Take breaks when you’re tired. Stop at the ‘scenic viewpoints’. It’s not a race to the finish line, and what you find might take your breath away.

Bring a Friend


Because sometimes driving cross-country really sucks. It’s nice to have someone to keep you company, even if you’re not constantly talking. Plus, who else are you supposed to cry with when you get lost and turn a four hour hike into an eleven hour hike? Or freak out with when there’s a vicious raccoon growling outside of your tent?

The stories are so much better to tell when you have someone next to you laughing about the silly things that went wrong, and everything that went right.