Summer program changes reduce campus residents

IMG_20150608_0904377_rewindMaite Paez Rodriguez | Staff Reporter
June 10, 2015; 1:00 p.m.

The number of students staying on campus for summer classes has decreased from previous years.

Assistant Director of Work and Learn Eric Mircsov said that due to changes in the summer program, the number of students doing work and learn in the summer session has dropped from approximately 300 to 220.

According to Mircsov, in previous years, most of the 300 students doing the summer program stayed on campus because the room and board expenses were included in the work and learn grant.

Numbers provided by the Work and Learn office show only 50 students, of the 220 doing work and learn, are staying on campus this summer.

Associate Director of the Office of International Students and Scholars Jeff Harris said, “Traditionally more international students stayed” for the summer program because it was more convenient.

The changes in the summer program were made in compliance with the Internal Revenue Service, which does not allow students to use work and learn wages as a means to pay for room and board.

These changes leave international students with no means to pay for room and board, due to the difficulty of gaining employment off campus because of strict visa restrictions.

“Some students do not meet the requirements for the program or find it more convenient to stay at home.

“Although there are fewer undergraduate students helping, other people are covering those positions and those fewer students are working hard to compensate the loss in numbers,” Mircsov said.