Hump daaaay! Yeyah!


Photo by Romane Donadini | A Dromedary camel visited campus as part of the Wild Wednesday Petting Zoo. The event was the third portion of Welcome Back Week hosted by Campus Activities Board.

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Lontreal Farmer | Staff Reporter 
Published Aug. 26, 2015; 1:30 p.m.

Petting zoos are usually associated with small children and middle school, but who says college students can’t have fun too? Many students showed up for the petting zoo on the Evans Common lawn.

A-Z Exotic Animal Adventures provided the creatures from African tortoises to zebras. There were many different animals, each admired by the excited students.

Ryan Weberg, a freshman biology student, said the variety of animals made this “better than a regular petting zoo.”

The owner of the animals, Jerry Aswegan, has been raising animals his whole life. Thirty years ago the city asked Jerry to rent out his animals to schools. His company also provides entertainment for birthday parties, nativity scenes and other group settings. The money earned feeds and houses the animals.

This was the third event in the Welcome Back Week hosted by Lindenwood’s Campus Activities Board.