2015 Christmas Walk bring joy to visitors

2015 Christmas Walk bring joy to visitors

Photo by Boris

Jazmin del Angel|Reporter
From Print [Dec. 1. 2015] | Legacy

Candles illuminated the historic side of Lindenwood University for the Christmas Walk.

Christmas Walk
Visitors were able to take photos with Santa at Lindenwood’s Christmas Walk, followed by picking out a personally made gift by Santa. Meeting Santa was one of several activities that made up the Christmas Walk.
Photo by Sandro Perrino

During the traditional event, which took place on Sunday from 4-7 p.m., carols could be heard, and several activities and attractions entertained local visitors. Several campus organizations participated in the event while giving gifts to visitors and offering activities for children.
A significant number of families visited. Some visitors even brought their pets.

Rob and April Elder gained attention with their dog, Lucky, who was wearing a Santa outfit.

“We love Christmas, that’s why we came here,” Rob said. “We thought the cookie decorating was fun, and we also got free T-shirts.”
April added, “It is cool for kids to be able to come and have a lot of fun. There were a lot of activities, and it is very family friendly.”

While some took pictures with Jingles the Reindeer, others were also taking pictures with Santa Claus.

“We have been visiting Lindenwood for many years,” Santa said. “We are the originals, we are the real thing. We enjoy being with the kids before Christmas.”

Santa’s elf, Jewelbug, said, “It feels great to be here with the kids before Christmas; it is one of our many stops.”

Visitors old and young were happy to be able to chat and have a picture with Santa, including 11 year-old Allyson Miller.
“[Santa] asked me what I wanted, and I told him,” Miller said. “I liked the experience.”

As soon as the visitors were done chatting or taking pictures, they could grab a gift personally from Santa: candy, crayons, toys and merry decorations were among the options.

Another attraction during the Christmas Walk was Bob Kramer’s play with marionettes at Young Auditorium.

The auditorium had slightly more than 50 children sitting and watching the show and actively participating in the play. The audience was amused to see the marionettes dance to Christmas carols.

The Christmas Walk brought LU and the St. Charles community together to celebrate the holidays.

Christine Elfrank, who has been attending the walk with her family for the past four years, said: “It is enjoyable to be here in Lindenwood and bring my family.”