Lindenwood is now accepting gift card donations


Photo illustration by Devin King

Photo illustration by Devin King
Photo Illustration by Devin King

Devin King | News Editor
Jan. 5, 2016; 12:30 p.m. 

Unwanted gift cards that were received during the holiday season can now be donated to Lindenwood using the fundraising website iDonate.

The donations will directly benefit students and can be directed to Lindenwood’s the annual fund, scholarships, endowments, athletics or the Academic Resources Center.

The idea of donating gift cards came from Lindenwood’s annual fund and special projects coordinator Kassandra Schnell and her staff.

“We really liked the idea of ‘non-cash’ donations and wanted to utilize iDonation,” Schnell said. “We launched this on Dec. 28, and we’ll continue this for a year or two, depending on how well this does.”

Donated gift cards must have a minimum balance of $15 and must be from an accepted company found on the donation page.

The value of gift cards changes every day on iDonate, depending on the gift card’s company, and all donations are tax deductible.

Currently, the only way to donate is through the page on Lindenwood’s website but Schnell said that she and her staff are working on other online sources students can donate from, such as through Facebook.