MAN ON THE STREET: What are you most looking forward to this fall

Maria Tocco (Freshman)
“Dancing at all the Lindenwood football games;it is an honor to be on a college dance team, and I cannot wait to show my spirit and pride at the upcoming games.”






             Priyadarshan Kannappan (Freshman)                          

“I am looking forward to the inaugural chess season at Lindenwood as I am part of it and also eagerly waiting for the snowfall because I am from India and we rarely experience seeing snow there. I am also interested in checking out a few movies in the LU film series.”






Micah Losee (Freshman)

I am looking forward to the start to the chess team; this Sunday we are having our first team meeting.”








Vanessa Marcon (Freshman)

            “I am looking forward to the dance auditions this fall, and hopefully making the team.”