Largest motor cross event comes to Saint Charles arena


Diggers for designing the track Photo Credit: Emily Miller

Emily Miller | LUTV
February 5, 2016; 4 p.m.

The Arctic Cat Arena Motor Cross Sports hosts the largest arena motor cross event in the United States at the Saint Charles Family Arena.

Over 200 hundred riders attended the event. Motor cross isn’t typically a mainstream sport and people don’t really think that arena motocross has a huge audience.

Professional motocross riders Travis and Mason Eck explain what the sport entails.

“Motorcross is dirt bikes, ATV’s, and everybody racing. Basically it is a weekend an event where everyone is racing from a bunch of different towns from across the United States” said Travis Eck.

What it takes to be a professional rider is a lot of commitment and dedication. Starting at the age of 10 years old, Travis Eck explains how it felt becoming a professional when he received his pro card in this sport.

One of the Eck brothers  Photo credit: Emily Miller
Mason Eck a professional rider for motor cross
Photo credit: Emily Miller

“It was a very big accomplishment. It was my first year in a class traveling all across the country going to Texas, Colorado, to get enough points for my pro license” said Travis Eck.

He continues with how long he has been in his sport field. “I have been racing for about 12 years, I have been racing professionally for about 4 years” continued Eck.

Mason Eck, Travis’s brother is also a professional. He explains what it feels like to be apart of the show.

“I feel good almost like you are free, everything just shuts off in your mind and you don’t have to worry about worry” said Mason Eck.

The riders are the main part of the event but the magic behind the scenes are the people who design the courses.
Track designer Chris Frye explained more on this element.

Diggers for designing the track  Photo Credit: Emily Miller
Diggers for designing the motor cross track
Photo Credit: Emily Miller

“Designing isn’t hard it is just getting the material.” said Frye.

Frye also went on to explain that the design for the course is a horseshoe design typically those designs are made for indoor events.

“There are 21 different jumps and all riders are used to certain obstacles” said Frye.

For more information on how to get tickets and times for the event, visit the Saint Charles Family Arena website.