12 things Lindenwood students missed over the summer


Tyler Keohane, Senior Reporter

From school closures to protests, to hours in front of the computer, here are twelve things Lindenwood students may have missed during their busy summer. 

  1. Lindenwood temporarily switches to online-only due to the coronavirus.
  2. Lindenwood urges students who are studying abroad to come back home.
  3. Stay-at-home orders stopped students from coming back to campus to retrieve items. Some students reported their items went missing.
  4. Lindenwood alumni, Jazmond Dixon, was the first person to die from coronavirus in the St. Louis area. Other students tested positive shortly after.
  5. Cancellation of in-person graduation saddens seniors.
  6. COVID-19 university and border closures leave international students in confusing situations.
  7. Belleville’s final undergrad students forced to say goodbye earlier than expected.
  8. Demolition of the historic water tower plans continued despite resistance.
  9. Lindenwood lays off 28 staff and employees due to COVID-19. In a show of support, students and faculty protested the layoffs outside of campus.
  10. Protests sprung up all over the world after the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. BSU president said, “We have a long way to go.”
  11. After months without major league sports, some sports started during the summer. However, most sports at Lindenwood were postponed to the spring.
  12. Lindenwood announced campus would re-open for fall classes, with safety protocols in place. 


It’s been an eventful summer, to say the least. As students are returning to class, Lindenlink is returning to the newsroom to keep students updated on news and events on campus and around Saint Charles.