Talented people compete in St. Charles for a good cause


The audience waits for the show to start in Matthias’ Lot Church.

Samantha Glenn | LUTV
March 8, 2016; 4 p.m.

Several members of the St. Charles community showed off their skills at the 3rd annual Lights of St. Charles Talent Show at Matthias’ Lot Church. Proud residents gathered in the church to watch gifted performers compete for a good cause.

The non-profit organization “We Love St. Charles” organized the show, and all proceeds went to support the city and it’s families. Head pastor of Matthias’ Lot church and founder of “We Love St. Charles,” Marc Sikma, said that the mission of the organization is to create “a process of restoration.”

The audience waits for the show to start in Matthias' Lot Church.
The audience waits for the show to start in Matthias’ Lot Church.
Photo by Samantha Glenn

”It all goes back to help support families. Our intentions in doing the talent show is not only to provide resources for families, but to provide a fun atmosphere for families,” Sikma said. “We want to be a portal for need so that folks can reach out to us and so we can begin a journey to walk with them.”

The show consisted of a wide variety of acts that captivated the audience’s attention. There were acoustic guitar players, siblings with a passion for classic music, acrobatic gymnasts, and many more.

Lily Burkemper and Maddison Law are acrobatic gymnasts and competed in the talent show. They are nationally contending shared what brought them to audition for the local show.

“We were at practice one night and the owner of the gym got an email and were like “do you guys want to do it?” and we just threw something together,” Law said.

In addition the exciting performances, the night was filled with raffle baskets, concessions, and celebrity judges from the community.

The judges panel included Tammy Scott from the radio station “Joy FM,” and Pat McGonigle who is an anchor for News Chanel 5.

Show organizer Sharon Bax said that the judging sheet is based on criteria such as entertainment value, stage presence, and “raw talent.“ According to Bax, the show was a success.