5th Street construction causes headaches for local residents


Construction tools and their building products. Photo credit: Emily Miller

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Emily Miller | LUTV
May 4, 2016; 4 p.m.

Construction workers building the new sidewalk. <br> Photo by Emily Miller
Construction workers build a new sidewalk along 5th Street in St. Charles.
Photo by Emily Miller

The 5th street construction project began in April 2015. Now, one year later the process is still ongoing but the end is in sight.

Construction worker Jason Keller explained more about the project.

“Last April it’s been a year and the concrete contractors have been here for a year and two months,” said Keller.

The city of Saint Charles idea for the project is to have roadway and street improvements.

“It’s a street improvement..wider sidewalks..made it more handicap accessible…ADA and widened roads made it more convenient and added a signal..” said Keller.

With the amount being worked on the project costs are a staggering amount.

“I think it turns about to be an 8 million dollar project,” said Keller.

Construction tools and their building products. <br /> Photo by Emily Miller
Construction tools and building products sit near a portion of the road work on 5th Street.
Photo by Emily Miller

As residents, drivers, local businesses and emergency services staff are not pleased with the amount of construction that has been happening on 5th street since may 2015.

Keller also explains that the project is 95 percent done but the public doesn’t see it that way. Jackie Lynch the owner of Sugar Bot Sweet Shop says that the project is frustrating.

“I think they should try harder to finish one thing before starting another,” said Lynch.

It has effected Lynch’s business as the construction has blocked their back parking lot and cracked their front entrance stairs.

Lynch's store called Sugar Bot Sweet Shop right on the corner of 5th street.<br /> Photo by Emily Miller
Sugar Bot Sweet Shop sits along 5th Street and its business has decreased since the project began accorind to the owners.
Photo by Emily Miller

“We have a lot of elderly clientele and they say we can’t park in the back or do the stairs so we can’t get in. Sometimes we have people call and are outside and say do you have this.. this.. and then I have to go out and bring it to them and then charge their card.” said Lynch.

The construction effects not just the surrounding community but also Lindenwood University students. Senior Linsey Chapa explains her frustration.

“I feel the construction on fifth street is very frustrating it just causes for more congestion,” said Chapa.