Sibley Day brings campus and community together

Sibley Day brings campus and community together

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Phil Brahm | LUTV
February 18, 2016; 4 p.m.

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One of Sibley Day’s most popular events was by the International Student Fellowship. The group served samples of different types of food from around the world.
Photo by Phil Brahm

From robots to free food, Lindenwood University hosted its annual Sibley Day celebration giving students a day off of classes.

The goal of the annual celebration is to provide students with unique hands-on learning experiences. A total of 40 different events were included in this year’s schedule

Lindenwood Student Life and Leadership as well as the Student Government Association were the primary organizers of the celebration. Working as a team, the group began the planning process shortly after beginning the fall semester.

LSGA president Sam Rudloff attended several events throughout the day . He says Sibley Day is a great way to bring the community together.

“We have people from even the outside lindenwood here showing what they got,”  Rudloff said.  “I just love the unity here.”

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Members of the Gateway Science Academy demonstrated a robot as part of their Sibley Day event. This was the first time the group had participated in the celebration.
Photo by Phil Brahm

A robotics team from South City’s Gateway Science Academy participated in the celebration for the first time.

Gabriela Delrisco and other members of the team demonstrated a robot as part of their event. She says Sibley Day is a chance to meet new people and make connections.

“We are a rookie team so it’s good to like I said, connect with the community and know people that will eventually be able to help you.”

The International Student Fellowship provided food from all around the world as part of its popular event. Organizer Alissa Murry says the day helps students discover clubs they may not know about.

“People who know us, really enjoy us,” Murry said. “The students who don’t know about is have no recollection of what we do and so we were saying Sibley Day is a great day to introduce ourselves to the university.”