Softball has new coach, outlook for upcoming season


Photo by Carly Fristoe

Head coach Liz Kelly winds up to take a swing during practice at Lindenwood’s Lou Brock Sports Complex.
Photo by Carly Fristoe

The Lindenwood women’s softball team starts the season Saturday in Nashville, Tennessee, with a new coach and a new mentality.

Coach Liz Kelly is the former coach of Maryville University. She also coached the Dutch Women’s Olympic softball team and many other Division I schools around the country, including Miami University and West Alabama University, accumulating over 400 game wins.

In a previous interview with the Legacy, Kelly noted that her prior coaching experience has prepared her to bring the Lions to a new level this season.

“I plan to carry these knowledges and strategies into a devised program of physical and mental training, training that will allow the program to progress to a championship level,” she said.

Kelly said she is also working to create a strong bond with the players so they can respond positively on the field. With seven incoming freshmen this season, it is imperative that they and returning athletes are able to communicate on and off the field.

“Our biggest challenge is to create a culture that allows our players to be able to work together,” she said. “Encourage that culture, and reinforce that behavior.”

Sophomore Hannah Porter said she expects this to be a great season filled with triumphs and learning opportunities.

“She [Coach Kelly] has progressed us a lot from where we were this past fall,” said Porter. “She has a lot of experience, and all the girls on the team like her.”

Even though the coach and the team have not been together for a very long time, they both seem to have the same goals and same challenges: Play to their full potential in every game, play to win and play with no fear.

“I expect my team to play the best they can, and if they do that and we do not win the game, then it’s OK because we have done the best that we can do,” Kelly said.