Workday access unavailable during week of March 10-15

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Lindenwood’s Workday system will be offline to implement program changes during the week of spring break.

The Workday outage is scheduled to be from 8 p.m. March 10 to 11:59 p.m. March 15, according to the site’s officials.

“Lindenwood’s Workday will be adding the Workday Financial Management module to the existing services of Human Resources and Admissions & Recruiting,” said Director of Information Technology Enterprise Systems and Application Development Adam Ulrich.

The outage will take place to combine older financial data from the previous system, Microsoft Dynamics, into Workday.

According to Ulrich, there also will be changes in Workday to use these new financial services.

Some of the new features being added to Workday Financial Management include accounting, finance, procurement, expenses and inventory. These changes will mostly benefit faculty and administration.

If student workers are to work during this time, they are urged to talk with their supervisors about working around the outage.

“Students should work with their supervisors to track time manually while the Workday system is unavailable, and then supervisors will enter the time for their employees once the system is available,” said Ulrich.