Tires slashed on admissions’ cars


One of the Lindenwood admissions cars with a “doughnut” tire in the Welcome Center parking lot.
Photo by Kelby Lorenz

Vandals slashed tires on three campus vehicles parked at the Welcome Center last month, campus officials said.

The vehicles were the Ford Escapes emblazoned with the university’s logo.

Lindenwood University President Michael Shonrock said the university is considering putting in additional security cameras in parking lots around campus.

“We aren’t trying to be Big Brother,” he said. “We are just trying to keep students safe.”

According to the campus security crime log, the vehicles were vandalized between 8 p.m. on March 29 and noon on March 30.

[perfectpullquote align=”left” cite=”John Bowman” link=”” color=”#f8de91″ class=”” size=”24″]We’ve arranged where [admissions] can park their vehicles under cameras so they can be closely watched and monitored.[/perfectpullquote]

John Bowman, director of Public Safety and Security, said that the St. Charles Police Department is investigating the case. If an arrest is made, the perpetrators could be charged with property damage.

“We’ve arranged where [admissions] can park their vehicles under cameras so they can be closely watched and monitored,” Bowman said.

According to Todd Wilson, lieutenant at the St. Charles Police Department, the damages totaled at approximately $700.

Lisa Hundelt, senior administrative assistant for athletics, sent an email to faculty members who recently rented vehicles through the school, saying that security officers found a 15-passenger Enterprise van with a slashed tire behind Hyland Arena.

Bowman said vandalism was ruled out of that case.

“One of our security officers was driving by on April 3 and noticed a flat and got out and looked at it and noticed slash marks on the tire,” Bowman said. “But again, we don’t know if that was from driving it with a flat or what.”

In the email sent to faculty, Hundelt said, “Security has asked us to park all of the rental vehicles on the top lot at Hyland so the vehicles are in plain view of the security cameras.”

Bowman said there have been no instances reported of student vehicles being vandalized on campus during this investigation.