Local advertising group offers opportunities for Lindenwood students


With graduation quickly approaching, a local advertising organization is providing an opportunity to help college students stand out in today’s job market.

The Ad Club STL, a professional network of advertisers in the greater St. Louis area, will offer an eight-week paid summer internship for five applicants. The organization provides scholarships opportunities annually for advertising students but this is the first time an internship ‘hop’ will be offered.

Professor Kristy Tucciarone said the five interns will work with the ‘Elite 8’ ad companies and travel as a team from agency to agency on a weekly basis. The ‘Elite 8’ is comprised of the following agencies: ITC, Rukus Post, Osborn Barr, New Honor Society, Moosylvania, Toky Brand & Design, Scorch, and H&L Partners.

There are various positions available including account services, copywriters, art directors and designers, social media manager and strategists. Each position starts with a hourly rate of $10. The deadline to apply is April 28, 2017.

“Traditionally when students graduate, their first three years they hop from job to job. We’re trying to alleviate the ‘hopping,’” Tucciarone said

Tucciarone, who serves on the board of governors of Ad Club STL and liaison between students and industry professionals, said the internship is not limited to just advertising majors.  Junior and Seniors majored in marketing, public relations, graphic design and corporate communication are eligible to apply.

Advertising and public relation major Courtney Boggs said this style of internship is a helpful networking tool that will provide students with first-hand experience that ‘can’t be learn out of a textbook.’

“You’ll get a taste of the different types of agencies and to see what you like best,” Boggs said. “Not all companies want the same thing. So, the more familiar you are with different client’s styles will make it easier to work with different clients in the field.”

Tucciarone and Boggs agree that this opportunity will provide students with a wealth of knowledge and experience beneficial to their career.

“The agencies that are participating work with famous industry clients like McDonald’s, Toyota and Disney. This [internship] will help get your foot in the door,” Boggs said.

To qualify for the internship, applicants must meet the following requirements: Must be a junior or senior college level, have a cumulative GPA of 3.0, enrolled in an accredited institution and minimum of 12 credit hours. Also, applicants must submit a resume, portfolio samples. recommendation letter from a faculty member, and a statement of career aspirations/interest with the online application.

Tucciarone said students should consider incorporating their thought process alongside their work.

“What companies like to see is that thought process. [Starting] with a problem and how the problem was worked out and the end results,” Tucciarone said. “We are all brands. When submitting make sure your brand stands out.”

For more information on the internship. Visit https://adclubstl.org/stlinternshiphop/

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