Grab & Go replacement slotted for later this month


Grab & Go was a dining option at Lindenwood in Butler Hall that closed this fall. Inside students could purchase pizza, order lattes and more.
Photo by Kyle Rainey

NICK FEAKES | Reporter

A small food court in Harmon Hall will be replacing the now defunct Grab & Go dining facility.

Assistant Vice President of Operations Diane Moore said the food court is scheduled to be completed later this month.

“The participation at the Butler Grab & Go was declining over the past few years,” Moore said. “With Starbucks opening this year, we spent some time discussing where the university could meet student and staff food service needs. In addition, we felt there was an opportunity to provide food options for both day and evening students in Harmon Hall.”

Grab & Go was a small cafeteria located in Butler Hall. It served coffees, wraps, salads, pizzas and other snacks.

Senior Jimmy Lillis said he will benefit from the new cafeteria.

“I think it’s more convenient for me because most of my classes are in Harmon,” he said. “But for other students who don’t have classes in Harmon, they have to go out of the way now to get food.”

Students can find food courts in Evans Commons and the Spellmann Center and can use their dining dollars at Starbucks in the Learning and Academic Resource Center and in the Lion’s Pride Market in Spellmann.