Students craft Grab n’ Go petition


Grab & Go was a dining option at Lindenwood in Butler Hall that closed this fall. Inside students could purchase pizza, order lattes and more.
Photo by Kyle Rainey

ABBY STONE | Reporter

A petition was posted on the door to Butler Hall to bring Grab n’ Go back to campus and has 83 signatures currently.

Juniors Megan Paul, Kristen Wilhelm and Courtney Wombacker started a petition on Oct. 13 to bring back Grab n’ Go, the fast dining service that used to be in Butler Hall.

Despite the new dining additions of the Lion’s Pride Market Express in Harmon Hall and the Starbucks in the Library and Academic Resource Center, they said they want to see Grab n’ Go make a return. Their goal was to let Lindenwood know that they were upset about the change.

“It was just gone when we got back, there was no warning,” Wilhelm said. 

Wombacker said she was most upset about the fact that there was no warning.

Wilhelm said she complained to the student government but the issue was never brought up in a meeting.

Director of Dining Services Nancy Tinker said the Lion’s Pride Express is a suitable replacement for Grab n’ Go, and the Starbucks is doing well.

Around 250 students are going to the Lion’s Pride Express everyday for breakfast and just under 200 students are eating lunch there daily, Tinker said.

Wombacker said she is dissatisfied with the Lion’s Pride Express because not everything is available for meal plan use and there is no hot food.

Tinker said she is open to have a conversation about the issue to come to a compromise, but as for using the space in Butler, it is unavailable.

“[Pedestal Foods] understands that they may want to see additional menu items,” Tinker said. “We don’t have the capability to cook there right now, but we’re thinking about a couple of other possibilities we could work on.”