Police investigating attempted motor-scooter theft on campus


St. Charles police are investigating an attempted motor scooter theft that occurred on Evans Commons parking lot around 6 a.m. Friday morning.
Essi Auguste Virtanen


St. Charles police are investigating an attempted theft of a motor scooter that occurred on Evans Commons parking lot early Friday, according to a timely warning email.

According to the email that was sent around 11:09 a.m., Public Safety & Security was notified about the incident at 9:05 a.m. on Friday. The incident occurred around 6 a.m. the same morning. 

A witness saw three white males wearing dark clothing in the parking lot. The witness described them approximately 5 feet, 11 inches up to 6 feet in height and between 160 to 180 pounds in weight.

The three subjects attempted to put a motor scooter in the rear of their red Ford hatchback. The bumper of their vehicle broke down during their attempt.

The three suspects left the area without the scooter driving towards Lou Brock Stadium.

St. Charles police was notified and two police cars were seen on the parking lot after 9 a.m.

If anyone has information regarding the incident, people are encouraged to contact the St. Charles Police Department at 636-949-3300 or the Office of Public Safety & Security at 636-949-4911.

 This is a breaking news story; check in for updates.