Ninja Warriors and parkour athletes are training in St. Charles


The KOR Komplex is a Ninja Warrior training center and a parkour gym located in St. Charles near Lindenwood University.
Photo by Kyle Rainey


A new type of gym is challenging the traditional treadmills and heavy weights commonly found in gyms.

In St. Charles, The KOR Komplex is both a Ninja Warrior training facility and a gym where people can practice the jumps, rolls and climbs found in parkour.

According to the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, parkour is about using natural movements to find the most efficient, or creative, path between two points.

In recent years, the sport has grown to include hundreds of gyms across the world.

Several parkour classes are offered in the St. Louis area, including at the St. Louis Spirits Gymnastics Club and Olympiad Gymnastics.

KOR Komplex specifically focuses on parkour and Ninja Warrior training classes.

In the video below, trainers Alicia Kueker and Andrew Davison discuss what the KOR Komplex means to them.