Lindenwood dance students perform in Detroit Dance Festival


Students in the Lindenwood Dance Program performing “Orange, New Jersey (1917)” at last year’s fall dance concert.
Photo provided by Sydney Gibbs


A dance piece choreographed by Assistance Dance Professor Tricia Zweier was selected for the Detroit Dance Festival.

The piece originally premiered in last year’s fall dance concert, is called “Orange, New Jersey (1917)” and tells the story of the Radium Girls, female factory workers who contracted radiation poisoning from painting watch dials with self-luminous paint.

This was the third time the piece was performed. The first was at the fall dance concert, the second at American College Dance Association and the third will be at the Detroit Dance Festival.

“Telling the stories of these girls makes the performance very important to me,” Sydney Gibbs, one of the students performing the piece, said in an Instagram message.

She said she thought ACDA was her “last run” with “Orange, New Jersey (1917),” but was thrilled when she discovered she would get another go with it.

“Getting to travel and see a city while dancing couldn’t be better, she said.”

The group of students performed the piece at the festival on Aug. 11.