Need help but don’t know who to call? Get a new S.O.S. card


Public Safety and Security debuted new resource cards with “S.O.S.” phone numbers to hand out to all students for the fall semester.
Photo by Kayla Drake

KAYLA DRAKE | Video Content Manager

Students who’d like to have a handy listing of important campus phone numbers can now carry a wallet-sized S.O.S. card, thanks to a new program by Lindenwood Public Safety.

Above is listed all the phone numbers considered as emergency contacts for the university. Both students and parents have used this resource, according to Stewart. Photo by Kayla Drake

Security printed 5,000 of the “Support Of Students” cards, which are available for free at administrative offices and residence halls, according to Public Security Officer Paula Stewart. 

The card includes the numbers for public safety, maintenance, residential life, the wellness center, the counseling center, the Title IX office, the dean of students, St. Charles Police and Bridgeway Behavioral Health.  These are S.O.S. phone numbers, because — according to the card — they are the people “who you call when you need help, support or answers.”

Stewart said the numbers for security and maintenance are listed first because they are the most frequently used numbers by students. Public Safety also wanted to include the numbers to St. Charles Police for out-of-state and international students and Bridgeway Behavioral Health for students who are struggling with mental health issues. 

Also because sexual assaults can be an issue on college campuses, Title IX is included in the emergency contact list. 

“Rather than them digging through the website for numbers, we thought this would be something beneficial for [students] to have,” Stewart said.