Students in coed dorms to vote on 24/7 visitation


Calvert Rogers, along with Rauch, are the first two dorms on campus to allow visitors 24/7.
Photo courtesy of the Mary E. Ambler Archives.

MEGAN COURTNEY | Culture Editor

Visitation for Rauch and Calvert Rogers halls, the two coed dorms on campus, could soon be 24/7. 

Currently, the visitation hours for all dorms are noon to midnight Monday through Thursday and noon Friday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday.

Rauch is the second co-ed dorm on campus that could be getting a change to its visitation policy.
Photo by Kat Owens

Shane Williamson, associate vice president and dean of students in the Student Life and Diversity Office, said in an email that her office is getting feedback from students in the coed dorms, and they will vote on whether to make visitation 24/7.

“The residents will discuss and vote and the results will be forwarded to me,” she said.

Anna Dean, a resident in Rauch Hall, said the noon to midnight policy isn’t bad and that it could be “much worse.”

“I for sure prefer 24 hour, but I’ll take what I can get,” she said.

Dean said she wants a 24-hour visitation policy because she feels as if she is responsible.

“I’m a junior, and I’m about to be 21; I want to be treated like an adult,” Dean said. “I feel like I am a responsible person and I’ll sign my guests in and follow the policy.”

She said it would make things easier for her personally because she has a boyfriend, but the policy also should be changed because mostly upperclassmen live in Rauch.

“I feel like we should get the extra leniency,” Dean said. “As long as everyone acts like adults and follows the rules, I think it’ll be fine no matter what.”