St. Charles passed new liquor ordinances for local bars, N. Main Street


Photo by Jake Baumgartner

All throughout the year, Main Street St. Charles has various activities to do. This week, that includes live music by Butch Wax and the Hollywoods on Wednesday.


After months of discussion between bar owners, patrons and the city council, St. Charles board members passed a two part bill which will enact a point system for bars on Sept. 25.

The council approved the bill 7-3. Another measure that was approved is 50 percent of sales must be from food. 

If the bars accrue more than 6.5 points within a six month period their license will be revoked. Bars get points for underage drinking, fighting, open containers on their sidewalks, etc.

LUTV’s Madeline Raineri discussed the change with patrons and government officials about the new ordinances.