Students say motorist shouted homophobic slur after they painted Spirit Rock


Photo by Kat Owens

The Genders/Sexualities Alliance said they had just finished painting the Spirit Rock when a man drove by and yelled a homophobic slur at them.

MITCHELL KRAUS Editor-in-Chief

A motorist shouted a homophobic slur at members of the Lindenwood Genders/Sexualities Alliance as they finished painting the Spirit Rock Sunday, Oct. 7, students say.

Members of the group were hanging around when a white man drove past and yelled “God hates faggots” at the group, according to GSA President Brooke Parker. It was 3:25 p.m.

“The GSA is so disappointed in this campus,” Parker said.

From left: Brooke Parker, Jen Spellazza and Alison Smith stand on top of the Spirit Rock on Sunday, Oct. 7.
Photo provided by Brooke Parker

Parker said when  she called security to report the issue, their solution was to double patrols.

“I then had to clarify that I wanted to file an actual report for the hate speech we had just received,” Parker said.

It is unclear if the man in the car is a Lindenwood student. 

Shane Williamson, associate vice president for student life and diversity, issued a statement Monday afternoon.

“We are aware of the incident and are following the policies that we have in place to investigate these types of incidents,” Williamson said. “Lindenwood University upholds a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and will not allow for people to be mistreated or discriminated against on the basis of their differences.”

GSA was painting the Spirit Rock as part of the group’s celebration of National Coming Out Day, which is Oct. 11, as well as October being LGBTQIA+ history month.