Update: 24/7 visitation coming to Linden Lodge Monday


The Linden Lodge is now 24/7 visitation.
Graphic by Madeline Raineri.

KAYLA DRAKE | Multimedia Producer

The Linden Lodge, the only off-campus dorm, will change to 24/7 visitation on Oct. 15.

The dorm, a renovated hotel located off Interstate 70 on Hawks Nest Drive, will become the only single-gender hall to allow this.

Change was spurred into action when Area Coordinator Donna Filkins held a floor meeting earlier this month to gather opinions of the residents. A survey was sent out and “an overwhelmingly [sic] majority of residents voted to modify the visitation hours to 24/7,” Associate Vice President of Student Life and Diversity Shane Williamson wrote in an email.

Last month, Calvert Rogers and Rauch Memorial Halls, Lindenwood’s only co-ed dorms, made history by becoming the first to allow 24/7 visitation. The Linden Lodge, Calvert and Rauch all are upperclassmen dorms. 

All other dorms on campus have 24-hour visitation on the weekends and noon to midnight Monday-Thursday, but other off-campus housing has had 24/7 visitation since last fall.