Greek life issues statement about homophobic slur


Photo by Kat Owens

The Lion Pride rock painted by Genders/Sexualities Alliance in 2018.


Members of the Lindenwood Greek life community issued a statement in response to a Lindenlink article about a motorist who reportedly shouted a homophobic slur at students painting the Spirit Rock on Sunday. 

According to Genders/Sexualities Alliance President Brooke Parker, after painting the Spirit Rock in pride colors, members of the group were hanging around when a white male drove past and yelled “God hates faggots,” at the group. 

According to the message from Greek life, although the slur was not aimed directly at the Greek life community, “the statement (and others like it) victimize our members and our community as a whole.” 

The Greek life community released a statement on Thursday following Lindenlink’s coverage of the homophobic slur shouted at students painting the Spirit Rock.
Screenshot from the Lindenlink/the Legacy instagram page.

The statement also said, “We fully admonish any and all individuals involved and hereby request that this, and any further episodes of hate, be investigated to the fullest extent possible.” 

13 student leaders in the Greek life community signed the statement and released copies on social media on Thursday. 

“What happened in this situation was totally uncalled for and Greek life will not stand by and just watch hate like this happen on our campus,” said Kiersten Billington, vice president of the Panhellenic Association.

“Greek life at Lindenwood prides itself on being diverse and caring for each member regardless of our differences. We released the statement because we wanted to ensure all members of our organizations and all students at Lindenwood that everyone should be treated equally, and no one deserves that kind of hate,” Billington said. “Greek life will not stand for it, and no one else should either.”