Academic, financial offices relocate to Spellmann


Photo by Kat Owens

The new area in Spellmann will offer both academic and financial services to students.

MEGAN COURTNEY | Culture Editor

With construction in Spellmann finished, academic and financial offices will be moving to the new space.

The new all-in-one service area on the third floor will be called Lindenwood Station and is located on Lindenwood Main Street, according to an email sent out by Enrollment Management. 

The entrance to the area features eight TVs abutting each other, and right now, they are scrolling through the screens that are on other university TVs. But Terry Whittum, vice president of enrollment services said after a training session is completed, the TVs will showcase things like the names and schools of visiting students, campus activities and recruitment items.

Whittum said it’s a “big splash that attracts attention” because it’s one of the first things people see when they walk in the doors. 

Whittum estimates everything will be complete in three weeks. A few minor things, like signs for offices, are still needed, but all construction is done.

The idea for the new space was to combine student functions. Lindenwood Main Street was chosen as the name because “all of the functions in a small town are on Main Street,” Whittum said.

On Monday, the Office of University Admissions was giving morning tours from the Welcome Center and afternoon tours from Spellmann, with normal business resuming from the new location on Tuesday.

Also on Tuesday, the Office of Admission and Services for International Students will be resuming normal business hours in Spellmann.

Through business hours on Tuesday, Academic Services, the cashier and Student Financial Services will be taking students in Roemer Hall. On Wednesday, those offices will resume normal business hours in Spellmann.