‘Hogwarts Economist’ speaker Bob Chitester presenting in Dunseth Auditorium on Wednesday


Bob Chitester, as apart of the H.F Langenberg Memorial Speaker Series, will be speaking in the Dunseth Auditorium from noon to 1 p.m on Wednesday followed by an evening session at the Missouri Athletic Club beginning at 6 p.m.
Photo by Megan Courtney


The Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise is hosting two free speaker events on Wednesday.

Bob Chitester, founder and executive chair of the Free to Choose Network, will be speaking in Dunseth Auditorium in Harmon Hall from noon to 1 p.m.

During the Harmon Hall session, Chitester will be giving a presentation titled “Hogwarts Economists,” complete with a Hogwarts costume, and following the presentation will be a Q&A session.

The Director of Administration for the Hammond Institute, Carol Felzien, said in an email that Chitester will be exploring the following questions during the noon presentation, such as:

  • Is the world of magic governed by free market principles?
  • What principles seem to define the society?
  • Do any of the individuals show evidence of free market principles?
  • What’s missing in the magic world?
  • What does it suggest should be our attitude regarding government?
  • Is free will valued?
  • Is the magic world egalitarian?
  • What is the range of political viewpoints represented by the characters?
  • To what degree is there a classical liberal economic system?

Felzien said lunch will be provided during the student session. It is open to the public, and no ticket is required.

Taking place at the Missouri Athletic Club in Town & County at 6 p.m., Chitester will be giving a presentation titled “My Favorite Milton Friedman Quotes,” admission to this event is also free, open to the public, and no ticket is required. A cocktail hour will be held after the presentation. 

Doors for the evening session with Chitester will open at 5 p.m. 

For more information about both events, visit the Hammond Institute’s website by clicking here.