Lindenwood study abroad programs offer new experiences

Ireland is one of the countries students can go to for a study abroad program.  Photo from Pexels

Ireland is one of the countries students can go to for a study abroad program.
Photo from Pexels


The goal of Lindenwood’s study abroad program is to “centralize different opportunities” for all students, regardless of major.

Elizabeth Snell, assistant director of the study abroad program, took over in August, and has made it one of her goals to help students find the right study abroad program for them.

According to Lindenwood’s website, students can study abroad in three ways: through a 10-14 day faculty-lead course, a semester abroad program or a summer program such as an internship, field research and summer coursework.

Snell said that studying abroad is the best time to be away and that it can be “truly transformative,” adding that it’s a great way to gain experience while having a built-in schedule, such as going on a faculty lead program.

Jenna Biagi, a theater and speech secondary education major, went on a faculty-led program in the British Isles where she traveled to England, Ireland and Wales for a total of 14 days.

Biagi said she wanted to see the different cultures and places outside of Illinois where she is from.

“I saw the opportunity of study abroad and I took it because I’ve always wanted to go to the United States,” Biagi said. “So why not do it with people who’ve done it before.”

Her favorite part of the trip was Ireland because it was “so beautiful.”

“I would go back to go look at it,” Biagi said. “Like, the green hills and the little baby sheep as we drove by. It was so cool to see not corn fields from Illinois.”

Having the experience to go abroad set Biagi apart from other education majors, she said, because she got to learn about other school systems and how they work.

It also “gave her a travel bug,” and she feels a lot more comfortable going to other countries.

Other students study abroad because it’s required for their major, like Brandon Loch, who is majoring in both French and biochemistry.

All students who are majoring in French are required to go to the Université de Caen Basse-Normandie in France for a semester.

Loch went last semester for “no other reason other than that’s the only choice.” His program was not faculty-lead, but his favorite part about it was “coming to the realization that the world is much bigger than we think it is.”

“You get other perspectives,” Loch said. “You get to experience things that don’t exist here.”

Now, Loch said he feels comfortable calling himself bi-lingual and using the language in a job setting.

Some of the study abroad programs are limited to certain majors and programs, but for more information or to find out how to get into a study abroad program, contact Elizabeth Snell at [email protected]