Adobe Creative Cloud shifts to new login model in computer lab


Photo by Kayla Drake

New Adobe log in requires students to use their email as part of a new licensing model.

Kayla Drake, Reporter

Adobe Creative Cloud will now require students to enter their emails every time they log in to university computers, as a shift to a new licensing model.

This will not start a trial or charge students. Vice President of Information Technology, TJ Rains, said it is simply for verification. Three out of six schools at Lindenwood University have majors that use Adobe programs.

In past semesters, a few classrooms have been outdated. For instance, in fall 2019 a classroom in the Spellmann Center had the 2015 version of Creative Cloud. But Rains said that case is an outlier, as some labs “fell through the cracks.”

This month, IT plans to completely update all classroom and computer labs to either 2019 or 2020 versions of Creative Cloud. Computer labs in the Library and Academic Resources Center and Spellmann are fully updated now. 

Rains said IT wants to ensure a “consistent experience” for students and said the department is improving their software distribution process, which includes updating software more frequently, either by semester or quarterly, and communicating with faculty what versions they need. 

Creative cloud and other software licenses are based on requests from faculty.

Rains said Lindenwood holds an enterprise license with Adobe, which provides university-wide access to all classrooms, computer labs, faculty and staff members. No licenses are available for individual students.