The Question Corner: Lindenwood’s favorites Carly Fedorowski and Shannon Modl on their top moments in Lacrosse


Photo by Curtis Benton

Lindenwood’s Carly Fedorowski (17) runs past a defender during the Lions’ season opener vs. Colorado Mesa on Feb. 8.

Billy Woods, Reporter

On Monday, Shannon Modl and Carly Fedorowski swept the first ever Great Lakes Valley Conference honors after being named Defensive Player of the Week and Offensive Player of the Week, respectively, for Lindenwood women’s lacrosse.  

In the Lions first match of the season, a 19-7 win against No. 14 ranked Colorado Mesa University, Modl had a team-high eight draw controls and caused one turnover, while Fedorowski tallied a game-high eight points.  

The dynamic duo spoke with Lindenlink before their home-opener on Feb. 16 at noon about their recent achievements. 

Q: What is/was your major at Lindenwood? 

A: Shannon- “I graduated last May with my undergrad in Public Health and I’m currently in the MBA program.” 

Carly- “I’m a therapeutic recreation major with a minor in psychology in adaptive sport.” 

Q: How did you get started in lacrosse? 

A: Shannon- “Growing up it was always hockey and lacrosse was something I did in the offseason to stay in shape. But I learned to love the game and now I’m here.” 

Carly- “I didn’t start until seventh grade. I just joined it because my friends were doing it and it turned into my favorite.” 

Q: If not lacrosse, then what other sport would you have played? 

A: Shannon- “Hockey.” 

Carly- “From Minnesota, you have to be a hockey fan.” 

Q: What is your most embarrassing moment on the field? 

A: Shannon- “My sophomore year we were on a trip to Utah and Colorado and I was feeling a little sick, but I tried to tough it out. I ended up passing out during the National Anthem and when I woke up, I had to spend the rest of the game inside with a wet towel over my head.” 

Carly- “Two years ago today, we were at an away game and one of my teammates came off the bench and we both collided. She ended up with a concussion and I had bruises in places I didn’t know you could get bruises.” 

Q: What is the proudest moment of your career? 

A: Shannon- “My sophomore year, our home-opener was against Florida Southern and at the time they were defending national champions. We came together as a team and executed our game plan in a win. It was a proud moment for me and the program.” 

Carly- “My freshman year, we made it to the Final Four, which is the furthest we’ve ever gotten. I’d say my proudest moment has yet to come though.” 

Q: How has sports impacted your life? 

A: Shannon- “I think being an athlete you learn about self-discipline and time management skills. But I also think being an athlete for a team sport has taught me that communication and teamwork is important in everything that you do.” 

Carly- “It’s taught me to be on time for anything I do and how to perform under pressure with a lot of distractions going on. With different personalities on the field, it’s taught me how to communicate. And it’s taught me how to be a competitor.” 

Q: What’s one word you can use to describe each other? 

A: Shannon- “One word to describe Carly is heart. She’s one of my best friends and I’m proud to call her a teammate and I know she’s got my back and I’m really grateful for her.  

Carly- “I have two words for Shannon. She’s a hustler and she’s unselfish. She puts everyone first before herself.” 

Q: Who is your favorite professor at Lindenwood? 

A: Shannon- “Professor Harrod, Dr. Estlund and Dr. Shoff. They’ve all impacted and made me love public health and I want to be like them one day.” 

Carly- “Paul Wright. He’s a great professor and advisor. He cares about you as a person and not just as a student.” 

Q: What’s your favorite place on campus to eat? 

A: Shannon- “Starbucks for coffee. But Evans for food since there’s a wider variety.” 

Carly- “Qdoba. Not a lot of people like it but I really enjoy it. That’s the spot.”