The Question Corner: Kyle Deutschmann discusses playing men’s volleyball as a freshman at the college level


Photo by Don Adams Jr

Kyle Deutschmann (#5) comes out to be embraced by teammates in a home men’s volleyball game at Hyland Arena.

Billy Woods, Reporter

Kyle Deutschmann, a math major with an emphasis in actuarial studies, is a freshman and a St. Louis native who is playing men’s volleyball in a major role.  

We sat down with Deutschmann to talk about his start in men’s volleyball and how he handles the pressure of being a freshman playing at a highly competitive level. 

Q: How did you get your start in volleyball? 

A: “Both my older sisters played. I was always in the gym with them. I didn’t start organized ball until I was seven. And been playing ever since. Volleyball is growing in St. Louis.” 

Q: Do you prefer indoor or beach volleyball more? 

A: “Indoor for sure. It’s more fast paced and team oriented, which I like a lot.” 

Q: How does off-season training differ from in-season training? 

A: “Off-season training is more focused on strength, which puts us in the weight room every day and forces us to break bad habits and establish peak form. In-season training is more focused on the systems we’re going to be running in a match. Lower impact, but we still get a lot done.” 

Q: As a freshman, how do you handle the pressure of playing at this level of competition? 

A: “I kind of just treat it as every other game. The pressure mounts, but that’s when it gets more fun. The higher the level you’re playing at, that’s when it’s at the most fun. I just play in the moment and don’t think about it too much. I’ll fall back on the other guys and I know they got me.” 

Q: Any plans for volleyball post college? 

A: “Options are open, but I want to see how my body feels and how my college career goes.” 

Q: Most embarrassing moment on the court? 

A: “It was in college and our third game of the year. The server went back and served the ball right at me, but I didn’t hear the referee blow the whistle to start. So I tomahawk the ball straight into the ground and everyone just looked at me.” 

Q: Spellmann or Evans? 

A: “Evans for sure. Nothing beats an Evans breakfast.”