The Lindenlink Show: Mike Wall talks about his career and leaving LU

Matt Hampton, Editor in Chief

The Lindenlink Show is a podcast covering news on Lindenwood’s campus and in the community, and featuring interviews with different guests each week.

This episode features Mike Wall, KCLC general manager, Mass Communications professor, and former radio personality, standup comedian, dean of Communications, career consultant, and high school volleyball coach.

Wall has been at Lindenwood since 2001 and will be leaving this year, so he and Matt Hampton talked about his time at Lindenwood and his radio career, which included the successful Phillips and Wall morning show on what is now Y98. Wall shares some interesting stories and talks about his appreciation for international travel and culture. He also gives his advice for graduates entering the career field.

THE NEWS (0:30)
Power outage:…wer-outage-crash/
Day of Unplugging:…ay-of-unplugging/
Longest NCAA hockey game (CBS Sports):…-hockey-history/
New student housing:…nished-next-year/

Radio career – 5:23
Lindenwood – 18:20
Retirement and travel – 24:18
Music and culture – 30:30
Career advice: 32:56