Letter from the editor: Lindenlink will stay running through COVID-19 pandemic



Graphic by Matt Hampton. File photo by Kat Owens.

Matt Hampton, Editor-in-Chief

The coronavirus pandemic has abruptly created bad situations for a lot of people.  

I am grateful that I have not had it as bad as many people have.  At the same time, I am sad that it has cut short our school year and ended the Lindenlink staff’s student-worker positions.  

Because of this, our coverage will be more limited than usual.  However, we remain committed to keeping Lindenwood and the community up-to-date on information about the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as continuing our regular news, sports, and culture content, even as the campus is shut down.  

Also, Link magazine will not return to news racks, but the same stories intended for this semester’s magazine will be published online.  

COVID-19 and the closure of campus has caused anger and distress for many students, and we want to showcase how students are handling this situation.  If you have a story to share, please message us on social media (@Lindenlink on Twitter, Lindenlink on Facebook, and @LindenwoodLindenlink on Instagram) or email me at [email protected].  

We still want to serve as a platform for students, so please talk to us about submitting opinion articles or other content.  

This situation has reminded me that we have only limited opportunities in our lives, so we need to make the most of them when we can because they might get taken away from us.  

I hope that we can all remain strong in the face of this tough time, and I hope that we can take it seriously but without unnecessary fear.