Lindenwood creates ‘Lions Relief Fund’ in response to COVID-19


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The Lions Relief Fund was created on March 30 to help students with financial hardships due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Alexis Montgomery, Culture Editor

Updated with Lions Relief Fund guidelines on April 9, 2020.

Lindenwood University announced Monday it is creating the Lion Relief Fund, funded by alumni and other contributors, to help students in need that are struggling due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lindenwood tweeted about the new program, using the hashtag #LionsUnited. 

Rachel Heuermann, the Director of Alumni Relations, said the fund was created in response to alumni contacting her office, offering to donate money. 

Since campus closed and all residential students were told to move out of their dorms in early March, many left behind student worker and local jobs.

“This is a brand new fund that was created due to many students needing additional resources during this transition from in-person to remote classes and moving off of campus,” Heuermann said in a statement.

The creation of the fund follows other local colleges, including Washington University, who started donation portals to support employees and students.

The fund will remain available after this current public health crisis for students with financial hardships, Heuermann said. 

Alumni and family members can donate to the Lion Relief Fund here

Shane Williamson, the associate Vice President of Student Life and Diversity, said that Lindenwood University students have to apply to the Lion Relief Fund in order to receive assistance.

“Their application is reviewed along with their current financial aid package to insure we are not violating any Federal or athletic guidance,” Williamson said.

After applying for the fund, a committee will then review the request and determine if the student is eligible, and what amount they can receive.

“[The committee is] keeping in mind the amount of the current fund because we want to help as many students as possible,” Williamson said.

While the Lion Relief Fund seems similar to the Lions Reserve Fund, they are different funds. The Lions Reserve Fund is an emergency fund that offers financial assistance to students who can’t afford to continue their education at the university. 

Who will get money from the fund?

It is open to Lindenwood University students.

How does Lindenwood determine who receives money from the fund?

A committee will review the request.

How can students apply for it?

Students can email Shane Williamson, the associate Vice President of Student Life and Diversity, and request financial support and include the financial challenges they are facing.

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