Lindenwood gives all students off-campus housing option this fall by Aug. 12 deadline


Flowers Hall, a dorm on Lindenwood’s campus.
File photo by Kat Owens.

Alexis Montgomery, Culture Editor

Lindenwood is offering all students, including freshmen and student athletes, an option to live off-campus this semester due to COVID-19.

The decision was announced in an email on July 30 by Terry Whittum, senior vice president of Enrollment Management and Student Engagement.

Jessica Bucci, assistant of Student Life and Diversity, said in an email that the university made the decision in response to the pandemic.

“Lindenwood University made this decision in response to the growing concern of COVID-19 and living in a residential hall setting,” Bucci said. “We have safety protocols and procedures in place to protect the campus community and those who choose to remain living on campus.”

Contract release petition forms are due by Aug. 12 to Residential Life. If a student has already paid room and board and does not take possession of their room, a refund will be issued. 

The off-campus housing option is temporary, and will be reevaluated Nov. 1 to see if the option will be needed for the spring semester as well. 

“Lindenwood University will reevaluate this possibility and have a decision no later than November 1, 2020. We will take into account guidelines and recommendations from various officials when making the decision,” Bucci said. 

Scholarships and grants will be readjusted if a student chooses to live off-campus. 

“Students electing to live off-campus, who have more than $12,000 annually in Lindenwood funded scholarships and grants, will have their financial aid awards reevaluated based on commuter status,” Bucci said. “An adjustment to individual financial aid awards is possible. Total Lindenwood aid cannot exceed the cost of tuition.”

Previously, first-time freshmen and student athletes were prohibited from living off-campus. 

Bucci said that the athletic department will continue to communicate and work with athletes, even if they choose to live off-campus.

“The athletics department and coaches will work closely with their athletes regarding practice and training schedules,” Bucci said. “They will consistently communicate with their teams regarding updates and potential changes to schedules.”