Men’s basketball senior guard Cameron Scales on deciding between playing football or basketball, life after college


Photo by James Tananan Kamnuedkhun

The Lion’s Cameron Scales (25) lay up in front of the defender from Bellarmine on Nov. 20.

Brandon Clark, Reporter

One of Lindenwood’s key pieces of the men’s basketball teams backcourt is senior guard Cameron Scales. 

The senior became one of the team’s more reliable options from beyond the arc last year, shooting a strong 39% from three.

Scales enters his third year with the Lions as he originally began his collegiate career in Southern California. With aspirations to follow his high school footsteps, he originally packed his bags for San Bernardino, which is a city about an hour east of Los Angeles. Scales was recruited by the basketball team to come back home, and play for his hometown Lions. Scales graduated from Lafayette High School in Wildwood, about 45 minutes from campus. The senior plans to graduate next spring as he will major in business administration with an emphasis in sports management. 

Q: What made you decide to transition from football to basketball? 

A: “Well my first year of college, I actually played basketball at a junior college and I didn’t like it there. Then my sophomore year I went through some medical issues and surgeries, and it made me rethink what I wanted to do. I went and played football out in California, got recruited to come back home and took the opportunity. I always wanted to do both in college and Lindenwood seemed like a good place for it. As the basketball season went on, I knew I was going to have to pick one or the other, and basketball was always going to win.”

Q: Whats the biggest difference for you between California and Missouri? 

A: “Besides the weather, I’d say it’s just the lifestyle difference. In the Midwest, people are a little nicer and easy going, and in SoCal, it’s a little more aggressive but you have more freedom to do whatever you please.”

Q: In-And-Out or Steak n’ Shake? 

A: “I’m going with Steak n’ Shake. The fries at In-And-Out are TRASH! They’re pretty equal with burgers and shakes, but I’m going with Steak n’ Shake.”

Q: Whats the ideal job for you after school?  

A: “My first option is I want to play basketball overseas. If that means I have to take another season to do so, then I will. But if that doesn’t work out, I’d love to get into marketing or work with my brother as a financial advisor.”

Q: If you could play anywhere overseas, where would you choose to play? 

A: It doesn’t necessarily matter to me, but if I had a top three to choose from I’d say Spain, Germany, or Greece.”

Q: Does it mean a lot for you to be a local guy playing ball in town? 

A: “You know, I never really think about that because when I’m at school, I feel like I’m in MY own little world. But when I get text from family and friends saying they’re coming to watch me play, it gives me another reason to go harder. But I do enjoy playing close to home, I also enjoy playing on the road too because it’s just us vs. everyone else.”

Q: Give me your five essential tracks (songs) youll be listening to before the game against S&T on the 27th? 


  1. Drake – 9 A.M. in Dallas
  2. 21 Savage – Said N Done
  3. Future – 4 Da Gang
  4. Nipsey Hussle – CheccMe Out
  5. Key Glock – Look at They Face

(This interview was done through text.)